Our Story

Hello! We are Rubber Mallet Werks!

We are a multi-faceted design firm that is The Go-to Tool for Design!

Rubber Mallet Werks began with the passion for Design held by our founder Douglas Gliedt II, bolstered by his formal training in the Arts and Architecture, and is now a celebrated design company ready to meet your needs as a client. 


Our Three Werks





Douglas Gliedt II /Founder-Principal on Rubber Mallet’s name:

“As a Designer , I was always Making, tinkering, and tackling home design projects. One day as I was surmounting the mountain that is the install of wood flooring, I found my self, and my hand flustered and bruised trying to bludgeon the boards into place… Only halfway done (!), I regrouped, thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something solid enough to coax the boards into place, but soft enough to not mar them in the process?
Enter Rubber Mallet…

It was the perfect tool for the job! It helped tap that project, and many others right into place, efficiently and with much joy. The last swing always providing the satisfying final thunk, letting you know your project is solid and complete…

It is in the spirit of this gentle, but highly effective tool that my design firm, and its Werks, bore it’s name.

Specific to your needs, flexible to your situation, gentle and a joy to work with – let us be your “Go-to Tool for Design



Have a design project you want help tackling? Give Rubber Mallet Werks a call – We’ll help you tap it right into place!

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ph: 469 373 2986

e: RubberMalletWerks@gmail.com